Hi! I’m Cy Norman, and I’ve loved golf my whole life. I picked up my first set of clubs when I was three, and I haven’t put them down since. My dad, my first coach and still one of my biggest fans, says he knew I was passionate about the game when I woke up on my own at 5 a.m. to watch the British Open, and I was just five years old!

Tiger Woods was the first player I really admired because his style was so different from everyone else’s. I watched how he played aggressively, celebrated his wins, and learned from his losses. I looked up to him, and I’ve modeled my golfing style after his.

My dad taught me to play every tournament with the three C’s: Compete, Composure, and Class. I always try to compete as hard as I can (like Tiger), play the entire tournament with composure (like Rickie Fowler), and finish with class (like Phil Mickelson).

I’ve been working with PGA teaching professional Todd Trimble since I was seven. Todd has been a wonderful mentor, and he helps me improve my game. With his guidance and hard work, I believe I will continue to improve and compete at the highest levels. I’m now 14 and am honored to be ranked among the world’s top junior golfers.

I have an awesome family and coaches who support me, and I’m grateful for everything they do to encourage me to be the best person -- and athlete -- I can be!